Review: Trigger Hippy comes “Full Circle”

By Brent Thompson

Trigger Hippy’s self-titled album appeared in 2014, offering a unique blend of rock, R&B and Gospel sounds. In October, the band released its sophomore effort, Full Circle & Then Some [Thirty Tigers]. The band’s rhythm section of Steve Gorman and Nick Govrik remains and Amber Woodhouse and Ed Jurdi have joined the fold. And though some of the names have changed, the group still mines timeless musical territory in fresh fashion. “Dandelion,” “Long Lost Friend” and the title track could have been recorded yesterday or 30 years ago, and that’s a good thing. A host of first-rate musicians – including Sadler Vaden [Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit] and Mickey Raphael [Willie Nelson] – make guest appearances on the album. We wish it hadn’t taken five years for the band to release its follow-up outing, but Full Circle & Then Some was certainly worth the wait.