Road Trip: String Cheese Incident’s “Independence Incidents” in Atlanta

By Adam Johnson

Fox Theatre 

Atlanta, GA

July 5 & 6

They’re not shows, they’re incidents. If you’re new to it – or if you’ve not yet experienced it – that’s ok. “Give it a try, have an open mind and then form an opinion” was the advice given to us at my first incident. Keith Moseley (bass player for SCI) gave us that advice. I didn’t need to wait to form my opinion – I was already hooked. 

Fast forward to the 2019 “Independence Incidents.” What better way to celebrate our freedom than dancing with 4,500 of my closest strangers!?

The positive energy from the Fox Theatre could be felt for a 10 block radius. At first glance the Fox looks like she would be a small room with cramped rows and aisles. This could not be further from the truth! The room opens up and seems to be ever expansive. There isn’t a bad seat in the place. The staff is very friendly and I even noticed several unable to fight the urge so they busted out and started dancing with us! 

The first night highlights for me were…

Set 1: 

The funky explorations started early and you could not tell that they had not been in the Fox prior to this. The first stretch from “Got What He Wanted > Will it Go Round in Circles > Got What He Wanted > Rhum and Zouc” – SCI really opened up on this first series and set the tone for a really funky weekend. They wrapped up set one with a really fun version of “All We Got” that left us ready for more.

Set 2:

Opening strong with “Rollover > Impressions” – they had a lot of fun with both of these and kept the energy climbing. Then to get a great cover tune with “You Wreck Me” into “Bumpin’ Reel” had me smiling ear to ear!


The encore sending us off with a cover of the reggae tune “Could You Be Loved”

Full Set List from July 5 2019 (credit to

Set 1

Black Clouds

Got What He Wanted

Will It Go Round in Circles

Got What He Wanted

Rhum N Zouc

Gone Crooked

Miss Brown’s Tea House

Cedar Laurels

All We Got

Set 2



You’ve Got the World

You Wreck Me

Bumpin’ Reel




Could You Be Loved

Night 2:

Saturday night picked up exactly where Friday left off with lots of funk, dance and even more exploration. My personal highlights were:

“Hi Ho No Show” – they stretched this one out a bit and gave us time to really get into a groove!

The stretch from “45th of November” all the way to end of the set with “Into the Blue” – this seemed like the show was never going to stop. It is absolutely amazing how the guys can carry you from one song to the next and you really don’t even realize it’s happening!

“Yield Not To Temptation” with Rhonda Thomas singing to open the set was an unexpected treat! 

The best part of the weekend for sure was from “Search > Joyful Sound > Rumble > It Is What It Is > Colorado Bluebird Sky” – I’ve thought a lot about how to describe this and I can’t quite get my head around it. The show peaked at the start of “Search” but then again, and again and again. And when I thought that was it… they hit us “Colorado Bluebird Sky.” As if that wasn’t enough… they bring Rhonda back out and cover Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” for the icing on the cake. What a great way to celebrate our freedom! 

Set 1

Song In My Head, 

Water > Hi Ho No Show, 

Valerie (Amy Winehouse Cover),

 45th of November,

 MLT > Boo Boo’s Pik-A-Nik > Into The Blue

Set 2

Yield Not To Temptation (Rhonda Thomas on vocals)

It Is What It Is > The Big Reveal,

Bhangra Saanj,

Search > Joyful Sound > Rumble > It Is What It Is > Colorado Blue Bird Sky


I Wish (Stevie Wonder Cover with Rhonda Thomas on vocals)

SCI will be back on stage in Dillon, Colorado for two nights (7/16-17) prior to their three-night Incidents on the Rocks July 19-21.